little one

by hugo sheppard

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released November 5, 2013




hugo sheppard London, UK

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Track Name: how i wish
how i wish that you were mine
i would give you all my time
and i can wait, but i need a sign

i look for you every day
and i think of how we used to play
but i can't understand why you turned away

and i know it's only in my head
with the record of everything that we said
but i refuse to put these restless thoughts to bed just yet

now the days go by, and the seasons turn
still i wait and still i burn
with the sweetest desire that life can confer

how i wish i belonged to you
but if you don't feel it too
then i can wait, and wait, and wait.
Track Name: life comes to meet us
feel so young
lying on a blanket in the sun

crack in the shell
and the sunlight rushes in
senses awake
eyes open
and life comes to meet us

little one
your time on earth has only just begun

fast asleep
buried deep for so long
mighty heart
tear the clouds apart
and show us the sky
Track Name: each is a mirror
our voices explore
they move like curious animals
circling, pausing
playful and shy
in search of a tongue that can reveal
our secret selves

each is a mirror
one eye sees the other
each is a mirror
one heart unlocks the other
and opens the door to you and me

every touch is an earthquake
every breath is a new life
every word is a landscape
every tear is a knife

when they got married they were so good to each other
they got all their friends to help them build a house on the hill
got me some help from my brother
got me some help from my sister
Track Name: independence
baby baby
you make me feel so fantastic
you know i got to have it
but i don't want to keep you all to myself
baby baby
when you hold me
o lover, can't think of any other
but the need to possess you's gonna kill my health

so feel free to see who you wanna see
i don't need to be the only one in your life
there's no jealousy in me
you know i'm a fortunate soul
and i'm not waiting on my other half
cos i'm already whole
Track Name: sister
raise your game sister
i don't want a slave sister
you must be brave sister
you are my sister, sister

i know you're stronger
much stronger than me
you have what you need
you and i choose our own names
speak our own language
you and i face the world unashamed

i can't speak for you
i can't take your place
no-one else has the answers
so come on
being saved is too easy
we both have to stick up for ourselves